On the Self-Similarity in Biological Processes

On the Self-Similarity in Biological Processes
Oliver Szasz1, Gyula Peter Szigeti2, Andras Szasz1
1Biotechnics Department, St. Istvan University, Godollo, Hungary
2Institute of Human Physiology and Clinical Experimental Research, Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary                                                                     

Email: Szasz.Andras@gek.szie.hu


We show that the processes described by Avrami functions are self-similar. A comparative function characterizes a self-similar process by a certain Avrami exponent. We define the self-similar categories of some well-known biological processes. The method to determine the Avrami exponent by choosing the comparative function is demonstrated on the diffusion model of the growth of nuclei. We generalize the results.

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